These reports are compliments of Schneider Rasche LLC and were written by The American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys.

Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Wills and Living Trusts

There are many online forms to do your own Will. But what would the consequences be if you did it yourself? When is a do-it-yourself estate plan insufficient? You can find the answers in this article.

The Impact of Divorce on Your Estate Plan

Now that you are divorced, what steps do you need to take to update your estate plan? Which estate planning strategy is the best in the event of a divorce? Find out by requesting this article.

Planning it Right the Second Time Around

With the growing number of people getting divorced and remarried, it has resulted in millions of "blended" families. How can you create an estate plan that will protect your "blended" family? 

A Child with Special Needs, Needs Special Planning

If you have a child with special needs, you need special planning. What kind of estate plan should you have if you have a child with special needs?

Estate Planning Basics for Families with Young Children

If you have minor children, it is extremely beneficial to make an estate plan. What would happen if you didn't have an estate plan in place? What if you have gone through a divorce or have remarried? Find out why it is so important to plan now.

15 Common Reasons to do Estate Planning.

This article gives 15 of the most common reasons why you should do estate planning.

To My Dog Lucky, I Leave $10,000

If you became incapacitated or died, who would care for your beloved pet? How can you plan for your pet, to provide for their needs when you are gone?

The Trouble with Joint Tenancy

Although Joint Tenancy offers some short-term conveniences, in the long run it poses a host of problems that can cost you and your loved ones many times the expense and headaches you thought you were avoiding. Find out why.

Probate: An Executor's Role and Responsibilities

What is a Probate? What does an Executor do? What is the beginning process to a Probate?

Trust Administration: Prior Planning Prevents Problems

What do you need to know about Trust Administration? What are the stages of a Trust Administration? What is the Trustees responsibility?

How does a probate work? How can you avoid a probate?

What Every Senior Should Know About Probate

What affect does probate have on seniors? How does probate affect a seniors family?

Probate: A Process, Not a Problem

What is a Probate? What is the Probate process? 

Estate Planning with Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

What steps are there to the process of planning with an IRA? What do I need to know about the minimum required distribution rules? How can I use my Trust as a beneficiary to my IRA?

Your Life, Your Final Say

What legal options do you have to prevent family turmoil? What do you need to know about a Healthcare Power of Attorney? Why is planning early crucial?

Peace of Mind: Planning for All of Life's Contingencies

What to know about pre-need funeral planning. How can you control the health care you receive? How to avoid conservatorship?

Special Valuation Benefits for Farms, and Other Business Real Property

What are the technical requirements of this valuation? How can you plan for your spouse?

Family Farm, the Next Generation

What is a buy-sell agreement? Who has controlling ownership? What are buy-sell triggers?

Aid & Attendance: Special Care Pensions for Wartime Veterans

Who is eligible for Aid & Attendance? What are the benefits?

Protecting your Assets with the Limited Liability Company (LLC)

What is an LLC? How is an LLC formed? What happens to the money in an LLC?

Protecting your Assets with the Family Limited Partnership

What is a Family Limited Partnership? How is it formed? What happens to the money in a Family Limited Partnership?

Asset Protection: Reducing Risk, Promoting Peace of Mind

If you own a company, what can you do to protect your assets?

Calculating the Benefits of Living Trusts

Why choose a Living Trust? A Living Trust can help you maintain control over how your assets are disbursed and distributed while easing tax burdens. Are there any disadvantages to having a Living Trust? 

Should you Trust Your Estate Plan?

Our life changes a lot throughout the years. Shouldn't your estate plan be changing with it? Have you had changes in you life like marriage, divorce, remarriage, birth or adoption or even moved to a new state? What about changes that have happened in your beneficiaries' lives? What do you need to remember? 

The Nightmare of Living Probate

What is Living Probate and why can it be such a nightmare? Will a Power of Attorney be enough?

Keeping Up with the Ever-Changing Estate Tax

How can you calculate how much your estate is worth? What do you need to know about State and Federal estate taxes and how they can affect you? 

Getting the Most Out of Your Life Insurance

What mistake do thousands today make? How can you stay in control of how proceeds from your life insurance policy are spent? 

Grandparents' Guide to Second Generation Planning

For those who have young children, drafting an estate plan is absolutely essential. Without sufficient planning, your family’s future will likely be decided by the judicial system.

Funeral Planning: Options for You and Your Family

What is the difference between planning with a funeral home and funding a funeral? Is there a better alternative to the two?

Beware of Living Trust Scare Tactics

You may hear many myths about Living Trusts from friends or relatives. How do you know what advice to listen to? What are the most common reasons to do estate planning? 

Calculating the Benefits of a Family Wealth Trust

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a Family Wealth Trust?

Creating a Lasting Legacy

What are the consequences of traditional planning? What other options are there besides giving outright distributions to beneficiaries? How can you preserve and pass on your legacy in life? 

Are Your Bank Accounts Safe?

What steps can you take to protect your bank account in the event of a financial institution failure? Request by email to find what the best alternative is.

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