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These reports are compliments of Schneider Rasche LLC and were written by The American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys.

Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Wills and Living Trusts

There are many online forms to do your own Will. But what would the consequences be if you did it yourself? When is a do-it-yourself estate plan insufficient? You can find the answers in this article.

The Impact of Divorce on Your Estate Plan

Now that you are divorced, what steps do you need to take to update your estate plan? Which estate planning strategy is the best in the event of a divorce? Request this article to find out.

Planning it Right the Second Time Around

A growing number of people are getting divorced and remarried. This has resulted in millions of "blended" families. How can you create an estate plan that will protect your "blended" family? 

A Child with Special Needs, Needs Special Planning

If you have a child with special needs, it is important to create an estate plan that will preserve their access to government benefits. What kind of estate plan would be the best?

Estate Planning Basics for Families with Young Children

If you have a minor child or children it can be extremely beneficial to make an estate plan. What could be the consequences of a failure to plan? Find out why it is so important to plan now.

15 Common Reasons to do Estate Planning.

This article gives 15 of the most common reasons to do estate planning.

To My Dog Lucky, I Leave $10,000

Do you have a pet? In the event you become incapacitated or pass away, who would take care of your pet? Millions of pets end up in shelters each year because of a lack of planning.

Probate: An Executor's Role and Responsibilities

What is Probate? What role does an executor have in the probate? What is the cost of probate? 

Trust Administration: Prior Planning Prevents Problems

What stages are there to a trust administration? What responsibility and liability does a trustee have?

Why do you not want to be caught dead with only a will? How does probate work? How can you avoid probate?

What Every Senior Should Know About Probate

How does probate impact seniors? How does probate affect seniors families? What does AARP have to say about probate? How can you avoid probate?

Probate: A Process, Not a Problem

What is probate? What process is there to probate?

Your Life, Your Final Say

What options do you have to prevent family turmoil? What planning should be done ahead of time?

Peace of Mind: Planning for All of Life's Contingencies

Learn about pre-need funeral planning and how you can control the healthcare you receive. How can you avoid conservatorship?

Family Farm, the Next Generation

What is a buy-sell agreement? How do you price the farm? What are the various considerations in passing the farm to the next generation?

Protecting your Assets with the Limited Liability Company (LLC)

What is a LLC? How is a limited liability company formed? Could a LLC be beneficial in your situation?

Protecting your Assets with the Family Limited Partnership

Are you worried about potential lawsuits? Find out how a family limited partnership can help protect you.

Asset Protection: Reducing Risk, Promoting Peace of Mind

What options do you have to protect your real estate and business assets?

Calculating the Benefits of Living Trusts

Why choose a living trust? A living trust can help you maintain control over the distribution of your assets, the management of your affairs in the event of your incapacity and can help minimize or eliminate estate taxes. Are there any disadvantages to having a living trust? 

Should you Trust Your Estate Plan?

Our lives change throughout the years. Shouldn't your estate plan reflect those changes? Have there been changes in your life such as marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child or moving to a new state?  Have there been changes in your beneficiaries' lives? Your estate plan should be reviewed from time-to-time to ensure that it is up-to-date.

The Nightmare of Living Probate

What is Living Probate and why can it be such a nightmare? Will a Power of Attorney be enough?

Keeping Up with the Ever-Changing Estate Tax

How can you calculate the value of your estate? What do you need to know about state and federal estate taxes and how they can affect you? 

Grandparents' Guide to Second Generation Planning

Grandparents with young grandchildren are often concerned that their own children create an estate plan to provide for the grandchildren. This report discusses that issue.

Beware of Living Trust Scare Tactics

You may hear many opinions about living trusts from friends or relatives. How do you know which advice to listen to?  

Calculating the Benefits of a Family Wealth Trust

What is a family wealth trust? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having one?

Creating a Lasting Legacy

What are the consequences of traditional estate planning? What options are there other than giving outright distributions to beneficiaries? How can you best preserve and pass on your life's legacy? 

Are Your Bank Accounts Safe?

What steps can you take to protect your bank accounts in the event of a financial institution failure? Request this report to find out.

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