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How is a Comprehensive Estate Plan beneficial to you? 

Don't leave your assets at risk!

At Schneider Rasche LLC, we help families and individuals, like yourself, to create estate plans that will be there when you need it most. We have experienced attorneys that are here to listen to your needs and work with you on making your goals in life a reality. A well drafted estate plan can help you in the following areas:

  • You can protect your assets in the event you became incapacitated

  • Helps protect your assets from creditors

  • Provides for special needs family members

  • Decreases estate taxes

  • Living

  • Trust planning can help you avoid probate

  • Provides financial security for your beneficiaries Small business owners can create a succession plan that will enable the business to keep growing even after you are gone 


We urge anyone who is interested in estate planning to attend one of our estate planning workshops to get the basics on what you need to know about estate planning. Once you have attended a workshop, you will also receive a FREE one hour initial consultation to go over your own estate planning needs. Call (503) 241-1215 or reserve your seat online (link to the Workshop page).


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