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"I don't think that my estate is big enough for an estate plan"

Many people that attend our workshops come with the thinking that their estate isn't big enough for making an estate plan. Why is this a misconception?

To answer that question, we must first think about what an Estate is. An Estate is everything that you own; your house, cars, investments, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, life insurance policies, etc. Now if you sit back and add up how much all of those items are, it may come to a very substantial amount!

Really everyone has an estate. But how can you determine what your Net Worth of your Estate really is?

A simple equation can give you the answer.



Cash (CD's, bank accounts, cash on hand, etc.)

Personal Property (Jewlery, vehicles, collections, etc.)

Cash value of insurance policies

Securities (Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, brokerage accounts, etc.)

IRA's, pension plans, etc.

Partnerships or business interest

Real Property (residence, time share, lot, condo, etc.)



Private loans

Mortgage Balance

Credit card debt

Car loan


After calculating your estate, you will soon realize that you have more to safeguard and pass down than you initially thought!

But how can you choose the best estate plan for your circumstances? We can help assist you with that choice. Contact us to find out how to begin your estate plan today!

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