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Our clients’ satisfaction is very important to us!

Positively Impressed! – Thank you so very much for your initial courtesy intake interview, I found this meeting to be a very engaging exchange of information. I was positively impressed with your recent seminar presentation regarding Estate Planning. It was very clear and informative. – Anna 6/17/16

Services as Promised. – We are very pleased with our Estate planning and feel we have purchased a product that will not need to be replaced. I also feel it will be easy for our family to follow up with an attorney when were gone if needed. Ben, his attorney on staff, is very knowledgeable and was professional and helpful. Janet & Robert 2/16/16

Estate Planning – Mr. Schneider provided me with my estate planning portfolio, which included updating my will, property power of attorney, health care power of attorney, authorization to disclose protected health information, nomination of guardian and conservator and appointment of person to make decisions concerning disposition of remains. All of these documents were organized into a binder, along with other forms for me to use in making my wishes known to my appointees and heirs. He was very professional in our interactions, answered my questions to my satisfaction and explained terms and other legal jargon in an understandable way. Thanks to Mr. Schneider and his staff, my estate planning is up to date and clearly organized, which is a great relief. – Dana 1/4/16

Family-style environment! – Mr. Schneider has helped me to feel like my affairs were in order and that I have covered all of the tricky questions that might come up for my family when dealing with my estate. He treated me with kindness and an honesty that took the fancy legal speak out of my situation and made me feel like an important human! Ben Rasche couldn’t be a better compliment to the value system that Mr. Schneider promotes. Laura Lindholm helped me to feel welcome from the minute I walked in. Together, along with their wonderful dogs, I felt like I was in a family-style environment instead of a law firm. That saying, I also feel that I have an iron-clad will that will be highly regarded. Thank you for helping boost my confidence in a new chapter of my life! Cecily 12/22/15

The right firm – highly recommended! When I attended one of Richard Schneider’s estate planning seminars, I knew I had found the right attorney to prepare my Will. Richard made the complicated issues clear and understandable to the lay person, and my confidence in his firm only grew as I met him for the initial consultation and then proceeded with the documents. They are so professional, and they have thought of everything! In addition to the original notarized documents (which include many more than the Will itself), they presented me with a beautiful binder with all of my copies, step-by-step procedures for my designated representative, lists of people to contact upon my death, where important papers are kept, and more. The fixed fee is a blessing. Further, they welcome follow-up questions from both me and from my personal representative, at no additional charge. I couldn’t be happier with the services provided by Richard and his associate, Ben, and I’m grateful to have the peace of mind of having these important documents in place. – Alice 11/13/15

Very customer service oriented!  Richard Schneider provides an annual presentation at my workplace on wills and living trusts. It is powerful and valuable for employees, and always well attended. My husband and I used his services to create a living trust that provides us with a sense of protection in the event of major life changes. Mr. Schneider and his team are knowledgeable, compassionate and very customer service oriented. – Kris 9/29/15

Highly recommended!  He has helped us with estate planning, small business needs and a few personal issues. We have recommended him to several people. – Kat 9/22/15

Pleasing to work with!  We were apprehensive about getting a will made. To many unknowns and confusing questions. Richard Schneider and staff made the experience easy to understand and as expeditious as possible. The follow up and any questions have been handled quickly and to our satisfaction. They also provide a newsletter and various seminars and learning opportunities throughout the year. – Donald 9/21/15

A gem found!  I had read that this chap was going to speak on family trusts at a local Sr. Center (a place I never go to) – attended and was convinced that Schneider was just the attorney I was looking for. That was some years ago – and still pleased. – Norman 9/13/15

Approachable and competent.  Richard took care of some complex problems and took the time to explain and answer all of my questions so I could understand as fully as I wanted. He did not charge me for phone calls, and always returned my calls in a timely manner,. I also made use of his associate tax attorney Erin Evers, and am very happy with the work they did for me. His firm hosts an annual client appreciation event which is also very informative in a relaxing and enjoyable setting. – Diana 9/12/15

It’s in there.  Recently, I updated my “death” documents to fit my current needs. Because a grandchild not born at the time of my original will, etc., has since been diagnosed as having special needs, I wanted to provide in the best way for his future, along with the other typically-developing grandchildren. I was very impressed to find that Richard had already put in the necessary verbiage to cover that eventuality. He also reminded me, when I asked about a way to keep track of all my details necessary for my family, that he already provided such materials in my “Notebook”. My update–as well as my original documents made several years ago–were thorough and well done. I also found it pleasant to work with him and others in the office. – Marie 9/11/15

Highly recommend! Richard and his team are committed to educating the community about estate planning. Richard assisted us in making important decisions for our family and future. He approaches his work with sensitivity and thoroughness. – Louisa 9/11/15

Richard B. Schneider – Richard is an outstanding estate planning lawyer. He doesn’t pressure anyone and is very knowledgeable . We are very please to have him represent both of us. – Don 9/11/15

An Attorney you can trust for your Trust!  My wife and I just completed our new Living Trust with Richard Schneider’s firm, and were most pleased with the finished product and personalized service. The entire process was stress-free and all deadlines were met on time. Any questions that we had were promptly answered and the quality of the response was outstanding. The entire staff of the law practice was most responsive and attentive to serving us as valued clients. My wife and I would highly recommend Richard Schneider for any estate planning needs. – Jeff 9/11/15

Who needs an estate plan?  You, that’s who!  I met Richard B. Schneider at a public talk he gives on “Who Needs a Will in Oregon?” & within a week I hired him to put together a revocable Living Trust. Richard and Ben Rasche are thorough and pro-active; we review my trust every five years. Richard also introduced me to Docubank and included one year subscription for emergency access to My Medical Directives. The Schneider Rasche LLC work as a team to provide service to clients and I appreciate this approach. – Linda 9/11/15

Estate planning – Mr Schneider was extremely helpful in a very difficult situation. Helping to get a trust set up for my ill brother. Then again when I needed my trust set up. Extremely helpful & the staff are all able to help with any information needed. – Anonymous 9/10/15

Easy and professional estate planning! As new parents and new homeowners, we knew we needed a plan to protect ourselves, even if it meant imagining the worst for our family. Richard Schneider and his associates walked us through our options and helped us choose the plan that was right for us. Now we don’t have to worry when the unexpected happens. – Colleen 9/10/15

Richard Schneider – Mr. Schneider drew up a trust for my husband and myself. We felt he was very thorough and we have confidence that our wishes will be carried out by him or his staff when the time comes. He is a warm person and made us feel very comfortable working with him. – Linda 9/10/15

Nothing!  My younger brother died suddenly, actually just three years ago yesterday (9-9). He had NOTHING in place for this life event. It ultimately took 2 years to straighten everything out and to this day we’re not sure what HIS wishes would have been. I came home from the funeral resolute I would NOT put this burden on my family. Even already in my 70s I, too, had NOTHING in place-denial I guess! A good friend referred me to Richard Schneider, and still raw from the death of my brother I was in his offices soon after return to Oregon. The compasionate understanding, pragmatic approach combined with non-judgemental support made this difficult process easy. He and his staff walked me through the process step by step and were infintely patient with my ignorance about such matters. I am now at peace knowing my demise will not leave problems for my survivors. – Patricia 9/10/15

Thank you!  We extend our warm thanks for the excellent service we received at your law practice for our new Living Trust.  We now have a Trust we are confident in and the peace of mind for our loved ones.  All your fine efforts were noticed and appreciated! -JM & PM 7/7/15

Importance of estate planning.  Now I understand the importance of estate planning. – JS 5/19/15

Excellent workshop!  The workshop that was presented had excellent information and was easy to understand. – LO 5/12/15

I trust Richard.  I am just getting started with my estate planning, and the workshop that Richard provides is the one that I trust! – RE 4/11/15

Open minded.  I like Richard’s open mindedness, even temperament and objective approach! – KJ 11/5/14

Great workshop!  I received a better understanding of the terms, benefits and reasons to do estate planning after the workshop! – GL 11/1/14

Easy to understand!  I appreciated that you explained the basics before presenting more complex information so that it could be more easily understood. – KK 10/16/14

Different options. The Estate Planning workshop alerted me to the different options that are available! -AB 10/5/14

Peace of mind!  We met with Richard after an estate planning seminar. We quickly decided to update our trust. The trust is very thorough. Covered many things we had never given thought to. Richards co council Ben Rasche walked us through each page of the trust and made sure we understood all aspects. We have a peace of mind that things are taken care of correctly. Thanks so much ! – Rod 4/17/14

Integrity and efficiency!  After attending a free seminar on estate planning, I proceeded to have Mr. Schneider write a revocable living trust for me along with other related documents. Unlike many other financial and legal professionals, there was no hard sell in the seminar or initial free one hour consultation. I was given concrete information relating to my own financial and estate issues and was then free to walk away or engage Mr. Schneider. After surveying other options and fee arrangements that were either more expensive or similar, I decided to work with Mr. Schneider. The entire process was straight forward, executed in a timely manner and all my questions were answered. I am very pleased with Mr. Schneider and his staff. – Maureen 3/18/14

Exceptional Client Service! Thank you for your flexibility on meeting with us on Friday. This was especially helpful in meeting our family needs and accomplishing this important task. – Don 1/19/14

Exceptional Client Service! We were very satisfied with everything your law firm provided for us. We appreciate the complete Estate Planning package with one inclusive price. Thank you for assisting us in this very delicate but important matter. – Tammy 12/24/13

Excellent Service! We were very satisfied with everything your law firm provided for us. We appreciate the complete Estate Planning package with one inclusive price. Thank you for assisting us in this very delicate but important matter. – Romy 12/19/13

Prompt follow through!  The initial workshop was a great opportunity to learn.  We had prompt follow through, reminders on tasks we needed to complete.  Thank you for your flexibility on meeting with us on Friday.  This was especially helpful in meeting our family needs and accomplishing this important task. -LM & DM 12/19/13

Excellent Service! Mr. Richard Schneider was extremely helpful with my special problem I have. He took extra steps to help me. Thank you. – Mitch 12/16/13

Thank you.  We were very satisfied with everything your law firm provided for us.  We appreciate the complete estate planning package with one inclusive price.  Thank you for assisting us in this very delicate but important matter. -DA & TA 12/7/13

Kind, professional and patient.  You all have been very professional, kind, and most of all patient.  Our lives have been quite chaotic these last couple of years, and we feel as though we had you guys in our arena, not watching your back, but watching ours.  That is a rare commodity these days.  We look forward doing more business with you as needed.  I also continue to let friends and family know what a great job you all do.  We consider ourselves very lucky to know all of you. -DCL 11/8/13

Satisfactory.  We are happy to have this trust established.  Services provided were satisfactory to my wife and me. -JC 11/7/13

Great coffee and less mystery.  Overall happy, your coffee is wonderful; you have taken the mystery out of understanding living trusts; the funding “homework” letters were just the ticket. -EJ & JJ 10/7/13

Thank you.  We appreciate how sensitive everyone at your office was to our particular needs. -RB 8/13/13

Extremely helpful!  Mr. Schneider and his staff were extremely helpful with the special problems I have.  They took extra steps to help me.  Thank you. -DM 8/12/13

They made me feel empowered!  The firm was extremely courteous and professional with me.  Not only did  the firm help me to feel comfortable, safe and well taken care of.  They helped me to feel empowered in my own life.  Thank you! -CG 4/24/13

Easy to understand.  The law firm was professional, timely, patient, and unintimidating.  They made a potentially stressful topic easy to understand. -SD 4/29/13

Peace of mind!  The opportunity to work with Richard Schneider was very timely. As our family faced a medical crisis, it was very clear that our outdated will was totally inadequate to deal with facing the debilitating diagnosis of my spouse. Richard and associates provided a sensitive response to our needs, covered every aspect of estate planning, and assured as of ongoing legal support as our need change. This investment was one of the best we’ve ever made and has provided peace of mind as we navigate the future. – Nancy 4/6/13

Timely and professional.  All of our questions were answered thoroughly, completely and in a timely manner.  We can’t think of anything that you could have done better.  All fees were clearly explained and the firm treated us in courteous and professional manner. – IS 4/5/13

Estate planning – Richard explained all aspects of estate planning in a way that was easy to understand, and assisted us that were able to make knowledgeable decisions. Richard provides ample time to ask questions, and is courteous and professional in preparing our will and estate planning. Richard guided us through the process without haste, and considered our wishes as his priority. – Lawrence 4/4/13

Professional services.  Everyone treated me in a professional manner.  I am very satisfied with the fees and legal services given to me. – JL 3/29/13

Very thorough and professional.  Richard Schneider’s office was very thorough and professional.  No improvement needed.  I will be referring family and friends. – PM 2/21/13

Easy to understand.  I was treated in a courteous and professional manner.  No pressured sales; easy to understand; answered all questions; very thorough; easiest financial/estate transaction EVER. – JP 2/25/13

Courteous and professional.  Everything was very well done and thoroughly explained.  Everyone was courteous and professional. – JG 2/2/13

Very satisfied! The law firm treated me in a courteous and professional manner and had excellent communication. All fees were clearly explained and I am satisfied with the legal services given to me. I will be referring family and friends. – KO 12/1/12

Peace of mind.  The opportunity to work with Richard Schneider was very timely. As our family faced a medical crisis, it was very clear that our outdated will was totally inadequate to deal with facing the debilitating diagnosis of my spouse. Richard and associates provided a sensitive response to our needs, covered every aspect of estate planning, and assured us of ongoing legal support as our need change. This investment was one of the best we’ve ever made and has provided peace of mind as we navigate the future. Peace of Mind – NLA 11/29/12

Fees were clearly explained.  The law firm was courteous and their professional manner was outstanding. All their fees were clearly explained in every detail. I felt from our initial getting to know each other, to the second interview and the third and final plan delivery, I was totally satisfied. – CBH 11/20/12

Professional attitude!  I felt everyone was open, courteous, and friendly. Everything was done quickly and was well explained. I was particularly pleased with the open yet professional attitude of the discussion and results. – W.W. 9/10/12

Very courteous!  We feel that everyone at the law firm was very courteous. All the fees were clearly explained and we are impressed with the follow up you provide. Yes, we would refer your law firm to our family and friends. – G.B. & P.B. 8/31/12

Courteous and professional.  Your Ad Listing your specialties and a visit to your website, swayed us to visit you. We feel the law firm treated us in courteous and professional manner. We feel the fees charged were clearly explained and we are very satisfied with the quality of legal services given to us. We would refer our family and friends. – NB 8/12/12

A Man with the Smarts and a Heart.  A few years ago, I attended a seminar on estate planning. I kept Richards card. Fast forward to a life changing event that required a new Will and Estate Plan. I found Richards card. Together, we created a plan to safe guard my estate for my sons. It would provide a way to care for the son who would need help and allow my other son to keep and manage by business. Richards creativity allowed me to reach my goals and be able to keep control of my property and business, a plan to keep my money for my son, allow him to control the estate if I was unable to do so and receive it intact when the time comes to pass the estate to him. He helped my son to create his plan and Will. Over the years, we have updated the estate plans, created documents to protect my business and advised me to changes in the laws to help keep me current. I know what I want for my company and sons. Richard has the knowledge to make it so. I have an elderly friend who was forced to sell her home. The large amount of money she would receive from the sale will be needed to care for her the rest of her life. I asked Richard to help her. With his guidance, she was able to get more money from the sale than I thought she could. By following his suggestions, she will be able to live the rest of her life in comfort. – K.N.

Exceptional Client Service.  My family and I have been clients of the Schneider Rasche LLC for over ten years. Our estate planning needs have been rather complicated and I just want to express my appreciation for the personalized and professional service we received. Working with Mr. Schneider and his courteous, competent staff proved to be a very positive experience. It is a pleasure to recommend his services. – H.H.

Friendly and Complete Service.  We found Richard B. Schneider and his staff to be extremely competent and easy to work with. The cost for their very professional services seemed very reasonable, given the time spent consulting and listening and the thorough preparation of our living trust documents. – Thomas 4/27/12

Living Trust Update.  Moving to Oregon from Virginia was a huge change for us in several aspects. Being close to immediate family was the main objective. Thus many changes had to be made after 30 years of living on the east coast and now on the west coast. Mr. Richard Schneider was recommended to us by our Trust Attorney in Virginia. He and his staff have been very amicable in assisting us in moving our Virginia Living Trust to an Oregon Living Trust. As time goes by we expect to rely on he and his staff to keep us current as changes may occur to our trust. We appreciate what he has already done and feel confident that he and his staff will do what is in our best interest. – F.B. & J.B. 2/25/12

Excellent help!  We thought we had our Joint Living Trust in place, but after hearing Mr. Schneider give a presentation at the SW Community Center decided to spend an hour with him to see if we had all of our bases covered. We were amazed to find several areas that needed attention. We hired Mr. Schneider and his firm to do the work for us. He and his staff provided excellent help, covering issues we didn’t know about. Now that our wills and living trust have been completed and funded, we are assured that our wishes will be fulfilled at the time of our death. We are also grateful to know that this firm will be available to the people we have nominated to be Trustees. – Dale 12/31/11

Estate planning and Trust preparation.  After my mother’s very positive experience using Richard Schneider for her estate planning and the execution of a revocable living trust, my husband and I chose Richard Schneider to advise us on the various options. We requested that he prepare our trust and were very pleased with the cost, clarity, efficiency and final documentation. – Anonymous 12/3/11

Trust creation.  Richard Schneider and his associates were outstanding in every way. Advice and explanations were clear and most helpful. He was available to take my calls and answer any and all questions I had. Unlike my previous experiences in the past, specifically with setting up my husband’s trust, he did not charge for additional questions or concerns. His office staff is likewise friendly and helpful. His office is very convenient and includes ample free parking. – Anonymous 11/4/11

Richard B. Schneider.  My wife and I engaged Mr. Schneider to establish a revocable living trust for us. Mr. Schneider did an excellent job explaining the benefits and nuances of this type of instrument in helping us determine to do this, and throughout the process — which he handled expeditiously and efficiently — he was thoroughly professional, informative, and pleasant to work with. He completed all work as scheduled, provided us with documentation and supporting information along with the trust agreement itself, made it clear that he and his firm would provide assistance on issues related to the trust in the future (in many situations at no additional cost), and was proactive and completely accurate concerning fees for the work that would be done.  My wife and I were very pleased with both the final work product and with the interactions that occurred with Mr. Schneider and his office staff, and we would recommend him without reservation. – Richard 9/11/11

Comfort zone competence – Very knowledgeable in senior final decisions.  We were ill at ease in planning ours wills, being very concerned as to how we would handle the disposition of our assets at the end of our lives. We feel that our estate planning was much more difficult than many because of family dynamics, but Richard and his staff worked with us with competence and understanding. We are very pleased that we had him and his associated assist us in our wills and trust. – Richard 7/5/11

When you have real estate, estate planning is so important.  Richard created a personalized plan just for us!  The law offices of Richard Schneider knew just how to protect our real estate holdings and to make our living trust for us. Richard and his office took great care with all the details that a trust requires. I felt they were very organized, yet listened to any questions we had. This was something we had been meaning to do for some time. Thank you for making it happen for us. – Sue 12/18/10

Estate planning. I have referred several clients to Richard over the years to complete the legal documents required to implement the Legacy phase of their planning. Every single referral had good things to say about Richard and his staff. As a financial planner/ investment advisor, before Richard it took me over a decade to find the right attorney to refer important clients.  He also helped me in a personal probate matter that was extremely helpful. – Bill 7/26/10

Living Trust.  We first met Richard in 2004 when we created our living trust. We used him again in 2008 when we updated our living trust into an A/B trust. We use Richard as a trust attorney. We have a separate financial advisor.  Richard if a fine attorney. We would recommend him as a trust attorney. – Bill 10/30/08

Asset Protection.  Several years ago, my father and I discussed the need to setup trusts to protect many of his assets from being lost to taxes. We decided to attend some of the free programs being offered in this area. After reviewing programs presented by different Trust Specialists, I could tell that my father didn’t feel comfortable with any of them. You see, he was always successful at all the adventures where life took him and had this perception of people trying to take advantage of him. A few of the programs were backed by knowledgeable people but still he hesitated to make a commitment. Finally, we attended one of Richard Schneider’s programs and he felt comfortable enough to set up a meeting at a later date. After our consultation with Richard, Dad felt comfortable with his knowledge and willingness to follow-up with a contract. We had many meetings with Richard and completed the Trusts. I was comfortable with Richard, as well, and like the fact that he works with a tax attorney. Therefore, I hired him to do our personal trust. I continue to work with Richard and the tax attorney having every confidence in them. – G.H.


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