"We are dedicated to educating the public about estate planning and creating an estate plan that will protect your family's future"

Schneider Rasche LLC

At Schneider Rasche LLC, we are dedicated to helping you to find an estate plan that will best fit your unique circumstances. Our Law Firm provides free educational estate planning workshops to the public, so that people can make better, well-educated decisions about estate planning.  We know that you may have more questions about what you should do with your particular situation after attending one of our workshops.  That is why we offer to all attendees of our workshops a complimentary one hour initial consultation to analyze your situation and make planning suggestions.  Click here to find a workshop near you, or call (503) 241-1215.


A comprehensive approach is key when it comes to making a good estate plan. What does that mean? It means that at our Law Firm, we create plans that cover possible incapacity, health care decisions and in appropriate cases, asset protection. A typical Living Trust plan consists of six or more legal documents. Those documents may include a: Living Trust, Pour Over Will, Property Agreement, Certificate of Trust, Property Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, HIPAA Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information and Assignment and Nominee Agreements to make sure that your assets are titled into your Trust.


A typical Will plan will include: Last Will and Testament, Property Power of Attorney, Health Care Advance Directive, HIPAA Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information, Nomination of Guardian and Conservator and an Agreement for the Disposition of Remains.

Estate planning can be complex, and therefore should use an estate planning attorney to make sure that it is created in a competent way. Find out more in our FAQ's section.


Some clients are especially susceptible to law suits. That may be as a consequence of owning a small business or rental real estate. We can help build a plan that will help protect you and your business. Some of the ways that we do this is through the use of Limited Liability Companies, Corporations and other entities. 


Owning a ranch or farm creates its own set of unique circumstances. Many families wish to pass on their farm or ranch to the next generation, but are unable to do so. Planning for this in advance will give you the best chance of making a successful transition to the next generation.


If your estate plan includes having a Living Trust, then it is critical that you let us know what assets you have, so that we can assist you in titling them into the name of the Trust.  


To many people, thinking about becoming incapacitated yourself may seem unlikely.  But the reality is that thousands of people become incapacitated every day, whether it be to a bad car accident or other cause, or old age. Incapacity can happen to anyone at anytime. So the only time to prepare for it is now.  


There is no one way to do retirement planning. Each individual or family has different circumstances. That is why it is important to talk to an estate planning attorney to find out how you can plan for retirement and pass your assets on to the next generation after you pass away.


You no doubt view your pet as part of your family. At Schneider Rasche LLC, we will help create a plan that will include your pets.  This will ensure that they are cared for even after your are gone.


You may have a loved one in your family who has a disability and is receiving government benefits or may need them in the future.  We can help build a plan that includes special needs planning so that your loved one can receive an inheritance and not lose their government benefits.


One of the best ways to be prepared for end of life is by having a well prepared estate plan. That passes on your assets to your loved ones. A well drafted estate plan can facilitate the Trust Administration or Probate process.

Schneider Rasche LLC has attorneys licensed in both Oregon and Washington that are experienced in Estate Planning. Call us at (503) 241-1215 or contact us online to get started on your own estate plan.