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Host a virtual or in-person estate planning workshop

Who may host a program?

Programs may be hosted by a variety of sponsored groups. We have provided programs for:

  • Libraries

  • Community centers

  • Associations

  • Foundations

  • Churches

  • Charities

  • Schools

  • Companies

  • Groups

Students and Teacher in Classroom

What programs do we offer?

“A Will is Not Enough”

Program Description: Many people do not realize that more is needed than just a simple will.  In this program, the audience will receive practical advice on how to safeguard their assets and health care wishes during and after their lifetime.  They will also acquire up to date knowledge about wills, living trusts, health care documents, issues regarding guardianship, conservatorship, and power of attorney.  This program also gives information on how to avoid probate and what to do when family complications arise.

Attorney and Co-Author, Benjamin L. Rasche is now offering the following programs beginning September 2021:

RS15034 (1).JPG
“Estate Planning & Diminished Capacity”

Program description: Incapacity can occur at any time in your life. It can be due to an accident or an illness. One of the most common causes of incapacity is dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia. How can you plan for possible incapacity? Planning in advance for the management of your affairs is critical to your well-being if you become incapacitated. During this program we

Old and Young

will discuss different ways of planning for incapacity and how it can benefit you in the event you or your loved one became incapacitated.

“Estate Planning for Families with Young Children”
Young Family

Program Description: Many young families may think that they do not have enough assets to do any estate planning. One of your biggest assets might be standing right there before you, your children. You may have given thought to who could care for your children in the event something happened to you, perhaps even having a friend or a family member who are ready to step in. However, the real question is, “have you prepared the

paperwork necessary to grant them the legal power to take over in the event you were unable to care for your children?” During this program we will discuss why it is so important for families with young children to do estate planning and things to think about when choosing a Guardian for your children. 

“Estate Planning after Divorce”

Program Description: Today almost half of all marriages end in divorce.  Once your divorce has been finalized, you may think that all of your legal ties to your former spouse are completely cut and that there is nothing else for you to do. But this is far from the truth. Once a person is divorced it is important to look at your current estate plan to see what changes need to be made. Or perhaps you did not have an estate plan while you were

Family Dispute

married. Now is the time to plan. In this program we will discuss what documents may need to be looked at and the reason for doing so. There may also be beneficiary designated accounts that need to be addressed as well. You will learn different estate planning strategies that can help you achieve your estate planning goals.

“Estate Planning after Remarriage”
Smiling Couple

Program Description: Some people may remarry after a divorce or after a spouse passes away. Either way, there are many things to look at after a person remarries. Some questions may be: How can you make sure that your children from your previous marriage would get their inheritance after remarriage? What happens if you remarried and you now have joint children with your current spouse, but there are also children 

from your previous marriage? How can you maintain control over certain assets to go to certain individuals? During this program we will address different situations that may appear in a second marriage and how they can be planned for effectively. There are different estate planning strategies that can help you achieve your objectives.

What else should I know?

  • As an added benefit to the program, we also offer complimentary consultations to any attendees who are interested in doing so. We do have a question and answer session at the end of our programs, however, we are unable to answer personal questions in a group setting, since it breaches attorney/client confidentiality. This is why we offer free meetings to all attendees.

  • We also invite people to reach out to us to receive a complimentary Estate Planning Guide that answers many questions they may have about estate planning. 

  • The length of our programs are around 90 minutes.

  • We are now scheduling programs either virtually or in-person!

  • The cost of these programs are free! We never charge a fee for presenting our programs. We simply want to help educate the public about estate planning.

How do I Schedule a Program for my Group?

Simply fill out the form below, and Wendy Ditzler, our Program Coordinator, will reach out to you.

Please contact me to schedule a program:

Thank you for submitting! We will contact you soon.

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