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“Benjamin Rasche is competent, courteous, knowledgeable and thorough. His preparation of our Living Trust has given us great reassurance. We highly recommend him.”



—  Angela

What Our Clients Say!

Client Testimonials

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness - Thorough explanations of the will process, and very accommodating (and safe!) despite the current pandemic. Their team is friendly and understanding of life and the tons of questions we asked them. We're happy to have chosen Schneider Rasche LLC to help us with our estate planning. They made things super effortless. - Susan 5/17/21

Needed to Update the Will - After my brother died I needed to update my will and I certainly wasn't looking forward to it. I had several meetings with Benjamin Rasche as he had done our first will. He is very knowledgeable and made the process easy. We signed the papers for the new will earlier in the week and now it's all taken care of -- honestly I can sleep better at night knowing this has been completed. I would highly recommend Benjamin and his staff -- they are top notch!! - Patti 5/21/21

Patient with a stressed out old lady! - Ben Rasche was very professional but very kind and pleasant to work with. - Anonymous 5/18/21

Thorough and helpful - Warm and friendly. Clear and thorough explanations. Brought up things I’d never thought about. A great experience all around. I’m glad I stopped procrastinating! - Anonymous 5/5/21

Thorough and efficient! - Ben was great to work with. He helped us think through various planning alternatives, walked us through the process, and got all the paperwork generated and finalized quickly and efficiently. My wife and I feel much better about our estate situation, and we're happy knowing that we can continue to consult and check-in with Ben going forward to keep everything up-to-date. - Greg 4/9/21

Excellent Service - Benjamin and his staff created a trust for my wife and me. They made sure everything was understandable and straightforward. We highly recommend them. - Ron 4/7/21


Trust Preparation - Mr. Rasche and his staff did an excellent job working through the numerous details concerning the development of a trust for us. They were also very patient with us as numerous issues occurred which delayed the ultimate trust itself. We were pleased with their understanding and they explained details to us which had an impact as to how best to proceed. We would recommend him and his team to others when they need family legal/estate advice. - Anonymous 4/4/21

Professional, Knowledgeable and Prompt - I learned of Ben's services through a Multnomah County Library workshop related to the book titled "A Will Is Not Enough in Oregon" by Richard Schneider. I found the workshop and Richard's book very informative and helpful.

Ben recently completed the set up of my revocable living trust. During the free consultation and the main information gathering sessions, Ben answered my many questions with his knowledgeable and precise answers in a professional manner. He explained the process to meet my needs. At the signing session, his assistant (Laura) has already lined up all documents prior to my arrival. Ben methodically walked me through the documents and pointed out action items for me to follow up. I went home feeling confident with this task item checked off on my must-do list. This is a solid 5-star rating service!

Ben did mostly stick to business through out the process and not much chitchatting, very efficient. It would have been a 5+ star rating with additional brief soft anecdotal conversation.

Due to the current COVID social distancing limitations, the process was conducted via video meetings and followed with an in-person signing session. His office has done a great job in setting up a specially prepped section of the office for the in-person signing session. Ben and his staff are also very responsive through out the process; for example, promptly rescheduling the signing session that was impacted by the February snow/ice storm. Thank you! - Fun 3/10/21

Efficient, patient, clear - I hired Mr. Rasche to prepare a Revocable Trust. His office was patient with my delay in initiating the contract. My proposal for asset distribution was complex and could have incurred taxes for beneficiaries. He carefully listened to my intentions and proposed a solution to do what I wanted and to benefit my beneficiaries. He clearly explained all parts of the finished Trust, patiently answering questions. Changes were promptly addressed and future check-ins and costs (or no charge actions) were clearly stated. My 4*, not 5, was based on my personal style of sharing some "human contact" (e.g.: humor and anecdotes) related to the subject, adding some personal connection to the association. He was professionally excellent, but a bit distanced in interaction. I am pleased with the my selection of lawyer and with the resulting Trust. - Anonymous 12/20/20


Highly Recommend!!- Highly recommend!! Prompt & professional. I am "old school" and and more comfortable with in person business - councilor Rasche accommodated me with distant window screen. Personalized & caring! - Edward 12/14/20


Great experience- He was very informative and not at all pressuring us to use his services during the free first visit. Work was done in a timely manner and well explained to us. We are very satisfied. - Anonymous 4/17/20


Estate planning- Mr. Rasche is knowledgeable, he listens to and answers your questions. We completed our Will and Living Trust during the Covid-19 outbreak. His office went above and beyond taking steps to complete the signing and maintain a 6 foot separation. - Anonymous 4/9/20


Benjamin Rasche is a terrific estate attorney- I hired Ben Rasche to create an estate plan and will for me. I found Ben to be very knowledgeable and the work he did to be efficient and professional at a reasonable cost. Just as importantly, he was a real pleasure to work with - kind, patient and considerate in all my interactions with him. He was open to, even eager, to include others in our meetings, treating them with the same exemplary consideration that he gave me. Both of them are considering using Ben to work on their estate plans and wills. - Gregory 4/25/20


Very Pleased- Benjamin L. Rasche assisted me in setting up a Revocable Living Trust. I was pleased with his professionalism and the ease with which the process was completed. Office staff was also very helpful.- Gail 1/3/20


Estate Planning Review/Recommendation- Ben was highly professional, knowledgeable, and gave us solid, practical advice. He was patient with us as we worked through the many steps of estate planning, available to answer questions, offered very good referrals for helping to set up a charitable giving fund, helped sort out the distribution choices for our estate. He also has an excellent, professional assistant who helped with scheduling and followup on tasks. We would highly recommend this attorney for estate planning.- Anonymous 12/10/19


An Expert on the topic- We hired Mr. Rasche for estate planning, and found him to be an expert on the topic. All costs were disclosed to us up front. He and his staff were consistently friendly and professional. The office was easy to find, and had off street parking. We have recommended him to others.- Anonymous 11/2/19


The free seminar was very helpful- Very thorough explanation of the options and follow through on the living trust. It was very helpful, to attend the free seminar first to help make our decision which also provided a discount for the services we eventually procured.- Donald 11/1/19


Fine job- We consulted with Mr. Rasche for estate planning, and we found him to be an expert on that topic. All costs were disclosed to us up front. We found him and his staff to be pleasant and professional.- Gary 10/29/19


Every "i" dotted and every "t" crossed.- Ben Rasche made the process of updating my estate plan a breeze. I moved from another state two years ago and had put it off, anticipating it would be a difficult process, but Mr. Rasche was extremely efficient and thorough. When you sit down with him, you will realize that he has done this "a few times". He gave me great confidence that every possibility has been addressed and I can sleep well at night. If you're putting off your estate planning—get going! It's well worth the investment and it's a no-brainer as long as you go with Ben Rasche. His assistant, Laura, is fabulous and professional, as well!- Judy 10/9/19


Super knowledgeable- Ben was a joy to work with. His patience in explaining the process to me was superb and much appreciated. He is very knowledgeable and yet can explain his knowledge using layman's terms. I would highly recommend him.- Lynn 10/2/19


Great Listening skills, easy to work with, excellent experience- We highly recommend Benjamin L Rasche for your estate planning needs. Ours were complex, including real estate and many different people listed in our gifts, but he made the process easy to understand and specific to our needs, preferences and requests. We feel so much relief knowing we finally got this done. It is an important piece of financial and life planning and brings great security once it is finished. We really loved working with him and feel confident that the job got done fully and completely and correctly.- Deb & Lisa 9/26/19


Benjamin Rasche - Smooth, easy and easily understandable. - Bryan 8/15/19

A perfect experience from the beginning- Seeing one his free presentations on trusteeship at a local library based on a friend's recommendation, we were impressed with the thoroughness of the issues presented. When we went to his office for a free consultation, the personalized follow-up was just as impressive. We hired him to set up our trusteeship and have been pleased with all aspects of his office and of Ben personally. We have finished all aspects of the set up of the trusteeship but he continues to be willing to address any and all of our concerns that we call about as they surface weeks afterwards. We will continue to work with him and have already recommended him and his office to others.- Tom 7/30/19


Friendly and knowledgeable and very well organized- We were impressed by Ben's presentation at a seminar and we subsequently made an appointment with Ben's office to go over planning considerations and the expenses involved to create a living trust. At our first meeting with Ben, we realized he has detailed and worthwhile knowledge about estate and trust matters, and we appreciated that he was able to give us a good layman's understanding of what we needed for our specific situation. We received a firm and reasonable price quote for his services and agreed to terms with him. When we kept our second appointment later with Ben, everything was ready in an organized binder with a backup thumb drive. We appreciate Ben's interest in helping us with our particular situation. Thanks!- Tom 7/30/19


Quick and Simple Estate Planning- After much procrastination on our part we worked with Ben Rasche to put together an estate plan. After a few meetings and a couple of phone calls it was completed for a reasonable fee. We would definitely recommend Ben. - Kathy 6/27/19


Excellent practical advice- This is what working with an attorney should be like. Benjamin was prepared with questions that were on point, suggestions on options to consider and why one was more appropriate for us to consider in our case. He then prepared documents that were tailored to our situation and prepared all the forms and documents we would need to place the relevant assets into a trust. We received a binder with all our documents, all the originals to be placed in safe-keeping and a thumb drive with all the documents. I can't think of a better outcome for our time spent and the fee. Plus, free followup consultations in the future. - Anonymous 6/24/19


Very professional- Mr Rasche prepared my Living Trust, and my father's as well. He was professional, efficient, explained everything clearly and answered phone calls promptly when I had questions. He did a great job. - Jennifer 4/29/19


Professional, friendly, and caring- We are well pleased that Mr. Rasche guided us through the estate planning process. He provided expert advice and options, always with our needs and desires at the forefront. His caring and knowledge answered any questions and dispelled our trepidation's. We are quite satisfied with our estate plan. Thank you! - Joe & Joe 4/11/19


Our Thanks to Attorney Rasche- Attorney Benjamin Rasche prepared a Revocable Family Trust for us. While he is very knowledgeable of Oregon Trust Law, he made the process understandable and specific to our Family's needs. He was easy to talk to, patient, and professional. We thank him for helping us accomplish this important legal matter. We would highly recommend his services. - Bob & Judy 4/2/19


Very good attorney- We wanted to set up a trust and he was very knowledgeable and thorough. Pricing was very clear up front which we really appreciated. - Patti 3/10/19


Trust formation- Ben was very professional, polite, told us exactly what he would do & what we need to do. Very thorough and one price up front. Thank you so much. - Patty 2/19/19


Estate Planning- Very easy to prepare for the future. All of the paperwork is explained in layman terms. All questions are answered with future questions for free. Great experience for an office visit. - Nick 1/25/19


Family Trust - Benjamin Rasche worked with us to update our family trust after we moved to another state. He went out of his way to accommodate us and our travel schedule. He was knowledgeable and thorough and made us feel very comfortable while discussing personal family matters. We have peace of mind knowing our trust is updated. We highly recommend Benjamin Rasche. - Mark 12/19/18


Highly Recommended - We contacted Ben's firm to help with estate planning. He explained our options and the pros/cons of each clearly and made recommendations based on our situation. He and his staff made the process easy. - Anonymous 11/7/18


Amending our Revocable Living Trust 

We are a married couple in our 70's. We had an urgent and immediate need to amend our revocable living trust due to the divorce of our son. We required an amendment naming his children, our grandchildren, as his beneficiary rather than the wife, in the event that our son's death precede the distribution of our trust. This was due to her unstable and unnecessarily cruel behavior toward our son, ourselves, and her own children in this ugly contested divorce. We wanted to insure that she has no control of our son's share of our estate, and that his portion pass directly to his children in a trust managed by one of his siblings.

We telephoned the law office on a Friday, and were scheduled for our appointment on the following Tuesday morning. We notified Mr. Rasche of our need for the amendment. He also informed us that it would be wise to include an additional Property Power of Attorney for any assets that might not be included in the original trust.

Mr. Rasche informed that these documents could be ready by the following afternoon for our signature. We returned the following afternoon to sign the revised documents. We are reassured that our grandchildren will not have the inheritance they are entitled to jeopardized by an unstable mother, or a possible future stepfather.

My husband and I have been very pleased with the performance of the Schneider Rasche Law Firm, and Benjamin Rasche in all of our encounters. We feel we have received very sound legal advice, including some wise direction for planning the remainder of our own future.

Our concerns were addressed quickly and thoroughly. We take much comfort from the solutions to this stressful dilemma. Mr. Rasche's immediate assistance has eased some of the stress during this very difficult time. - Anonymous 9/11/18

Retired - Listened to our concerns, gave us sound advice to consider and then made the appropriate changes to our will and trust. - Judy 8/30/18


Trust done thoroughly and professionally- Benjamin was thorough, timely, and thoughtful in establishing my trust. Highly recommend the firm and Benjamin. - Steve 7/31/18

Very thorough, professional and personable- Mr. Rasche is super wonderful to work with. He is very flexible and very friendly. He provides quality work. I am so glad that I have chosen this company to work on my estate plan after I attended their workshop. Highly recommend. - Shu-Ling 7/27/18


Updating trust-Benjamin listened to, understood and explained our questions and updated our trust to speak to our concerns. - Anonymous 7/25/18


Review of my estate planning attorney - I was impressed with the knowledge and thoroughness that Benjamin displayed during the meeting with him to set up our trust. - George 5/3/18


Review for Benjamin L. Rasche - Very friendly, took time to explain everything to us. We recommend him for estate planning. - Anonymous 4/27/18


Highly Satisfied - Benjamin Rasche is competent, courteous, knowledgeable and thorough. His preparation of our Living Trust has given us great reassurance. We highly recommend him. - Angela 3/22/18


Estate Lawyer - Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful. Hired after free hour consultation. Competent staff. Expert in estate planning. Provides peace of mind. - Rosalie 3/22/18


Living Trust - My wife and I attended a free workshop which covered wills, living trusts, health care documents to deal with possible incapacity, issues with HIPPA and how to handle them, how to decrease your State Estate Tax in Oregon, how to avoid probate, and how to control distributions to your beneficiaries. The workshop provided for a one hour consultation with one of the attorneys. Our consultation was with Mr. Rasche and he did an outstanding job of explaining the details to us and we decided to establish a Living Trust. Mr. Rasche is very personable, professional and knowledgeable. I’ve already recommended him to a friend. - Jack 3/7/18


Surprisingly Satisfying! - Benjamin Rasche made the task of our first ever estate plan a surprisingly satisfying and painless experience. In just two meetings, we had a living trust in place and more importantly piece of mind. Benjamin listened intently, made not even one mistake in the many details that he had to incorporate into the final document and by the second meeting we could tell he knew our family situation and our desires completely. He incorporated everything about us perfectly in a very efficient package. We also have the comfort of knowing he is there for us in the future. Not only was Benjamin a superb and professional attorney but was a truly nice person. - Kathryn 1/27/18


Estate Planning Made Simple - Ben did a great job helping us update our Estate Plan. He explains things clearly, makes suggestions that fit your needs, and is very personable. Everyone should have an estate plan. - Rick and Heidi 1/25/18


Very Pleasant and excellent Service - Benjamin prepared a living trust for us. In just two meetings we had our trust in place. Benjamin listened completely and incorporated all of our desires into the document. He had answers readily available for every question we asked. He made everything understandable. He was extremely thorough and paid close attention to every detail. I highly recommend Benjamin for any estate planning. - Kathryn 1/25/18


Family Trust Drawn up - Ben drew up a Family Trust for us. He did a great job, and I would highly recommend him. Also easy to work with, and he has a nice personality. The fixed rate was also a plus. - Mike 1/21/18


Very Professional and Thorough - We are very pleased with Mr. Rasche. He made the process of estate planning smooth and pleasant. Most of our concerns regarding estate planning were anticipated and answered thoroughly without the need for questions. The entire plan was presented in an easy to understand format with all of the appropriate documents in a well laid out step by step binder. It places our assets in a trust that will facilitate and protect those assets as they are passed to our heirs. - Micheal 1/8/18


Up to Snuff!-Mr. Rasche is certainly up to snuff with the current provisions of the Oregon and Federal Laws regarding estate planning. My wife and I went through a detailed session with him from our jewelry distribution to our burial wishes. But realistically there will be changes in any plan that he will let his door open with no charge to us for further questions. - Howard 12/1/17

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