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If you’ve been named as executor of a Will, it will be your responsibility to manage the Probate process, and there are things you need to know before you become further involved in the process.

The passing of an individual means there will be a Probate process if there is any property or assets to involved. When a person passes away with a Will, typically an Executor is assigned to oversee the Probate administration. The executor can be anyone the deceased designated in his or her will. An executor can be a child or an adult, or even a person unknown to the family.

An Executor’s Role in Probate

The executor is charged with making sure all assets on the property are inventoried, persons on the will notified, and money owed to creditors is dispersed. A qualified Probate Attorney can and should be consulted to assist in overseeing the process if you’ve been named an executor.

If there are debts owed to creditors, proceeds will be taken from the estate’s assets. Any amount left over are then divided and administered to heirs named in the will. Being named an executor and administering responsibilities can be both challenging and stressful. This is why it’s important to find a qualified Probate Attorney who can walk you through the steps and keep a watchful eye over the process.

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Our FREE Report, “Taking the Problem Out of Probate” will give you valuable insight into how Probate works and the essentials of making sure all the bases are covered. Executing a will is overwhelming for many, and a process that takes the skillful handling of a Probate attorney.

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  • When wills are likely to be contested
  • How taxes and creditors should be handled

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